Capital market platform Valyo introduces digital reopening of existing bonds


  • Economic consequences of the COVID 19 pandemic can quickly lead to increased liquidity needs for companies.
  • Digital reopening offers companies and the public sector new room for manoeuvre in the Swiss bond market.
  • Valyo, the innovative leading digital capital market platform.

Baden, 1 February 2021. From 1 February 2021, Valyo AG will enable companies and the public sector to reopen existing bonds completely digitally and without an intermediary bank. With a reopening, issuers can quickly raise liquidity. The fintech startup Valyo, which belongs to the Raiffeisen Group, is thus consistently expanding its digital product range in the Swiss bond market and expanding its innovative leading position.

Despite the COVID 19 pandemic, most companies still seem to have sufficient liquidity. However, this can change quickly if - as expected - signs of a recession intensify in individual sectors. In the bond market, issuers can thus be expected to raise additional funds. In this case, the replenishment of an existing bond is a possible option.

Digital reopening of existing bonds - attractive for tranches below CHF 100 million
Valyo CEO Daniel Schwab explains: "As an innovative leading capital market platform, Valyo has increased the freedom of choice in the issuing process for issuers since 2019. Now, an issuer can digitally top up an existing listed bond, even if the issue itself was made via the conventional banking channel." Daniel Schwab is convinced that Valyo's digital reopening offers a new and attractive financing channel, especially for
companies and the public sector that want to raise liquidity quickly and easily.

The digital reopening now enables an issuer to carry out transactions below the CHF 100 million threshold via an existing issue that is already listed in the SBI index. Existing bonds with a remaining term of more than one year can be increased via Valyo through smaller transactions according to demand.