Thanks to our experience in the capital market, we know the needs of issuers and investors very well. With the Valyo financial market platform, we offer a contemporary, transparent and efficient way for issuers and investors to come together. 

Valyo has enabled the first fully digital issuance on the Swiss bond market.


Swisscom AG is the first SMI company to issue a bond via a digital capital market platform and benefits from the advantages of digitalisation in the Swiss capital market.

  • ISSUER                     Swisscom AG

  • ISSUE VOLUME       CHF 100 Mio.

  • FINAL MATURITY    11 years

  • LIBERATION             18.09.2020

  • END FALL                  18.09.2031

  • COUPON                    0.13%

  • ISSUE PRICE               100%

  • YIELD                            0.13%

  • MID-SWAPSPREAD     + 36 bps

  • LEAD MANAGER          Valyo AG

  • PAYING AGENT             Raiffeisen Schweiz

  • ISIN                                 CH0515152467


Valyo AG conducts the world's first completely digital bond issue via its capital market platform. Raiffeisen Switzerland issued a CHF 112 million bond due in two years and with a coupon of 0%.

  • ISSUER                     Raiffeisen Schweiz

  • ISSUE VOLUME       CHF 112 Mio.

  • FINAL MATURITY    2 years

  • LIBERATION             15.07.2020

  • END FALL                  15.07.2022

  • COUPON                    0.0%

  • ISSUE PRICE               100%

  • YIELD                            0.00%

  • MID-SWAPSPREAD     + 64 bps

  • LEAD MANAGER          Valyo AG

  • PAYING AGENT             Raiffeisen Schweiz

  • ISIN                                 CH0515152459



We plant a tree for every emission made via our platform.

For sustainability reasons, Valyo does not use bulk mailings and giveaways. Instead, we are committed to our environment. There will be many Valyo trees in the coming years. We are convinced of that. We thank all our customers for that.