Bring sustainability into your portfolio with Green Bonds. 

Green Bonds are nothing more than regular bonds with an added green benefit. The earmarked environmentally friendly use of funds is a simple and transparent way to bring sustainability into a portfolio and make a commitment to the environment.

Currently, there are no legal and binding definitions for green, social and sustainable bonds on a global level. However, ICMA's three "principles"have become the leading global voluntary framework and include guidelines for project selection, use of proceeds, and reporting. In June 2020, ICMA additionally issued thePrinciples for Sustainability-Linked Bonds. These are forward-looking and performance-linked bonds where the issuer commits to achieving predefined sustainability and ESG goals within a certain timeframe, while the proceeds are used for general purposes.

Via capital market platform Valyo, Green Bonds can now also be issued. Contact us, together with our parent company Reiffeisen Switzerland we will be happy to advise you.